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Guidance of adoption

In Sakura-no-Sato, we are looking for staff to work with us.

Message from the facility director

Facility manager Hirofumi Nitahara

  • Favorite food: Melon bread
  • Fun: Dog-walking
  • Favorite music: Enka
  • Favorite words: "Live together, laugh together, casually help gently"

“Care” is a job that rewards the elderly for “I want to be there”. It is a job where each staff member can really feel worthwhile.

We are able to hear many voices of “I want to be” directly. Know the background of the time when he / she lived, commitment to life, sense of values, etc. from daily relationships and communication, taking into account what he / she wants, all staff members are one. While collaborating as a team, we provide support to realize the hope. It is also one of the great rewards to be at home when you are at home.

Touching the mind of a large senior in life is an important learning that you can not taste in any other work.

Some of the users say "don't worry" if you apologize that the care is not enough, or when excrete care, "I'm sorry, let me have a hard time." There are a lot of polite and humble people who say that is right.

The elderly people have various experiences in their long life. The joy and troubles of marriage, childbirth, child care, marital problems, divorce, bereavement, success or failure in work, hardships in money, care and death of parents, own illness and old age .... It is because I have survived such various experiences and I think that I am able to have the irritability and courteous humility that is small and unreliable in small things. Touching the heart of such a senior in life is an important learning that you will never taste in other jobs.

The staff at Sakura-no-Sato are all wonderful people who know the joy of interacting with the elderly while grateful to the "friends" they met. I hope you all enjoy this moment of joy with us.

Human resources sought by the cherry blossom village

  • Someone who can say hello properly
  • Someone who can respect the elderly as a senior in life
  • Someone who can work positively and positively with goals
  • A person who can think in the other party's position without deciding things
  • A person who wants to grow up without being satisfied or satisfied with the status quo
  • Someone who can think and act with their own head
  • Someone who can apologize for their own mistakes without making a secret
  • Someone who listens to people and has communication skills
  • Someone who values ​​teamwork

About overseas technical apprenticeship acceptance

As events in other countries that were "others" can be felt as "ownings". It also shares the spirit of care.

In Sakura-no-Sato, we are actively accepting overseas technical interns as care staff. The fact is that Japan's declining birthrate and aging population have not stopped, and the labor force population is only decreasing. The era of “foreign workers = cheap labor” has come to an end, and the acceptance of overseas trainees has received great attention in the nursing care industry as one of the means to secure talented, highly motivated personnel. You are If there is a culture or nationality that is different from Japan, you will create completely different ideas and ideas from Japanese. It will be a strong stimulus for us Japanese staff, and we hope that it will blow away the stagnant mood in the facility, which has been rumored, and help improve the staff's working awareness.

However, understanding and consideration of different cultures will be required. If you are Japanese people, even if you can communicate in a way that "does not bother you" and "read the air", foreigners can not do so. There are cases where communication can not be achieved unless you communicate clearly and accurately. These cultural exchanges are not transient pleasures, but also require patience that can create frictional discomfort. In continuous communication, I think that when something that understands each other reaches the next level, something incomparable is born. Let's go a step towards the big goal.

It is hoped that overseas trainees who have completed training in Japan will return home and be able to play an active role as a leader in their home care industry. Furthermore, I think it would be wonderful if you could come to Japan again, settle down in Japan as a staff member of Sakura-no-Sato, and work as a "family" as a "friend" of Sakura-no-Sato.