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Guidance of adoption

In Sakura-no-Sato, we are looking for staff to work with us.

Message from seniors

Where do you like in this work, where do you find worthwhile?

  • There are many people with dementia who have lost their memories of today's date and season, what they ate, and their families and surroundings. Even so, when you get along with your feelings until you are convinced, when it changes to a reassuring expression, you are also happy at this point and it is also a moment when you feel worthwhile. The feelings are understood.
  • It is a place where you can get well just by meeting with the users. As many older people have been struggling in the old days, listening to their stories makes you feel, "I must do my best!" It is also fun to listen to old stories.
  • The words “thank you” given by users and families are the most pleasure of all.

What is your favorite part of the cherry blossom village?

  • A place surrounded by green. As the scale of the facility is just right, the connections between users, users and staff, and people and staff are just right.
  • It is a rich place in the countryside. For users, you can spend an effortlessly in a relaxed atmosphere at your own pace. The staff thinks about the circumstances of each other's homes, and thinks about the environment where we can devise how to take holidays and get over each other.
  • Unlike the atmosphere of the hospital, I like the feeling of time passing slowly as a place of life here.

Who are your seniors and friends who are aiming or respecting?

  • A person who takes the initiative even if they are not told what they have to do.
  • A senior nurse who works hard with a kindness that is not decorated, and a senior who can support with care without thinking how to feel filthy at all, while it is well done at home work, Many people are working without feeling it.
  • I think that the staff who is thinking about the user from the bottom of all actions is very nice.

Message to friends who will work in the future at Sakura Village

  • This job is fun. Some people may feel like a low-key, unobtrusive job. But it is a very important and necessary task and worthwhile. Do you not try hard with us?
  • It became a super aging society. Let's aim together so that we can communicate while living with elderly people and establishing good relationships.
  • The introduction of new winds is a very good stimulus for both users and our staff. Let's grow while learning together.
sports day
cooking club

Good welfare benefits

  • Staff dormitory complete
  • An LDK old-fashioned house that can be shared by single people is available as an employee dormitory

  • Fun events
  • Employee travel divided into groups Once a year, social gathering twice a year

    Various recreation

  • Child care support declaration registration
  • We are engaged in various initiatives to support the balance between work and childcare for employees.

  • Education program of relief
  • One-to-one instruction of practical skills is provided by the Elder system (trainer in charge). Please apply for the care worker beginners with confidence.

  • Other system
  • Permanent service commendation (Fukuoka Prefecture Social Welfare Council)

    Medical checkup once a year (The staff who work at night work twice a year)

    There is a provision of long-term care leave and short-term work hours in the work rules

the first shrine
sakura chaya
cherry-blossom viewing